Best 5 Supplements for Older Age

Do you feel tired when cooking in the kitchen or gardening? Or do your health conditions clash with your routine work? If yes, then you must need some dietary supplements.

These nutrients will lower the risk of upcoming diseases like osteoporosis (bone disease) and arthritis. Several food supplement stores dubai provide everything you need under one roof.

Best 5 Supplements for Older Age

Multivitamins or minerals help to reduce multiple problems in health. But still, consult your doctor before buying one for you as it has some side effects. We have compiled a list of the top 5 nutrients for your age.

Let’s start!

Vitamin B

Vitamin B works as the backbone of our health. It helps regulate brain functions and manages blood pressure and other heart diseases. The main issue is that this vitamin causes absorption issues in our bodies as we approach 50. We can absorb less vitamin B as our stomach acid production declines.

To have a good amount of vitamins apart from pills, you must go for meat, eggs, foods, chicken and vegetables.


Calcium is one of the essential supplements that your body needs to gear up in all work. The skeleton that supports the entire human body is comprised of bone; as everyone knows, bone needs calcium to become strong.

A calcium deficiency may lead to osteoporosis, which is more likely to happen in women. Milk, beef liver, yoghurt, canned fish, and cheese will help you get calcium.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential, especially for your eye-related disease. It reduces the risk of cataracts and also makes your vision clear. Vitamin C also increases your immune system.

It may contain broccoli, oranges, tomatoes, and fruits like lemon and citric.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the most crucial vitamin for our bones. It supports our skeletal system and saves the bones from having fractures or strains. A deficiency of vitamin D may lead to type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and another cardiovascular disease.

Sources of vitamin d are mainly dairy products and milk.

Omega Fatty Acids

These fatty acids assist us in making healthy and active in all our daily work. They give us good energy by making our joint function more effective. Omega fatty acids also help to lessen pain and another arthritis disease.

Omega fatty acid-rich foods include seafood, walnuts, and flex seeds.

Bottom Line

Before falling into the grey part of your age, ensure you can energies yourself with these vitamins. They are simple and widely accessible at most food supplement stores dubai




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