Waterfalls Initiative

Waterfalls Initiative for Continuous Education from UAE to the world is a global project that aims to deliver continuous education for around 1 million doctor, physician, pharmacist, technician, and specialist in the hospital management sector and the humanitarian field.
This unique project is an initiative from the UAE Ministry of Possibilities and INDEX Holding and in cooperation with Aqdar World Summit to support our front-liners across all medical and humanitarian fields, through a number of specialized webinars presented by a number of well-renowned local and international speakers and lecturers from across the world.

This initiative was launched under the supervision of Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and it comes as a partnership between the Behavioral Rewards Department at the Ministry of possibilities, Index Holding Company, and Aqdar International Summit.

It aims to provide continuing education for health sector workers around the world, and in appreciation of the efforts of the first line defence in preserving the safety of societies and the health of it members.

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