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Are you searching ‘obesity treatment centers near me’? Find the ideal weight loss treatment for you with our exclusive partners on Fazaa Behaviours. One of its kind, Fazaa Danat Initiative aims to help citizens and residents find professional overweight rehab centers in Dubai and get rewards for your spend on losing weight. When you participate in this national reward program, you will be rewarded with Danat points for every positive behavior challenges you complete or the appointments you undertake with any of our partner obesity clinic in Dubai. The Fazaa Behaviors application is an easy-to-use mobile app featuring amazing discounts and vouchers for varied services such as clinics, restaurants, salons, entertainment parks, athletic training center, and more. While weight loss is a reward in itself, we offer you the double benefit of gaining redeemable Danats or using the Danats you earn on your visits to obesity treatment centers.

How Fazaa Rewards Works?

We believe that rewarding positive behavior is the optimal way to encourage more such actions. The Fazaa Behavioral Rewards Program has been developed by the UAE government’s Behavioural Rewards Department to provide a single platform to earn reward points through various constructive challenges and to access various products and services. You can earn Danats by:

1) Taking up Fazaa Challenge

On the Fazaa Behaviors app, you will come across varied challenges with fitness and behavioral goals, such as:

Walking, running


Law and order compliance

Watching awareness videos on Fazaa Behaviours

2) Buy from Fazaa Partners

If you choose to buy or avail services from our partners across varied sectors, you can scan the QR code displayed on the application to earn Danats for your spend. These Danats can be used to avail vouchers displayed on our Fazaa marketplace.

Our Partners

We have partnered with leading obesity treatment centers to reward citizens and residents in Dubai with exclusive discounts. Earn Danats by completing our behavioral reward-based challenges. These reward points can be used to access vouchers and discounts applicable on various products and services available on our extensive marketplace by cinemas, medical centers, restaurants, sports centers, and more.

Exclusive Offers From Obesity Treatment Centers Dubai

Get on Fazaa Behaviours now to get Danats for your positive behavior and use it to treat yourself with exceptional discounts like below.

Change Your Behaviour To Change Your Life With Fazaa Behaviors!





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