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Get Fazaa Danat rewards for your every step towards a healthy lifestyle and positive behavior. The Fazaa Danat Initiative is a national reward program to promote positive and healthy behavior among the residents and citizens with an exceptional behavioral reward system. Danats can be earned through interesting challenges that come up on the Fazaa Behaviors application. You can also earn Danats by shopping sportswear, sports goods, and accessories or participating in sports activities from Fazaa partners, including popular sports merchandise and equipment stores, event organizers, adventure parks, and more in Dubai. You can avail of our exclusive vouchers offered by over 500 brands and service providers using your Danats on the Fazaa Behaviors application. Whether you are looking for a professional sports club or searching for ‘sports equipment stores near me’, we have got the ideal choice to get rewarded for your every action. Avail of amazing discount offers and ‘buy one get one’ vouchers from various medical clinics, entertainment parks, gyms, educational institutes, restaurants, and salons, including top brands in Dubai like La Perle, Dubai Ice Rink, Ekart Zabeel, among others. Download Fazaa Behaviors now!

How Fazaa Danats Works?

The Danat initiative national program aims to reward and encourage every constructive action by any resident or citizen. Partnering with popular sports merchandise stores, sports club, sports equipment stores, and event organizers in the UAE, we have created a unique reward system to earn redeemable Danat points. To earn Danats:

Participating in Fazaa challenges

From time to time, you will come across a number of fitness challenges and behavioral goal tasks on the Fazaa application, such as:

Walking, running


Law and order compliance

Watching awareness videos on the application

Shop from Fazaa partners

For your every spend on products and services from our partners, including sports club, sports merchandise stores, sports equipment stores, you will earn Danats that can be redeemed to avail amazing discount offers.

Our Partners

Fazaa is associated with various industry sports centers and brands in the UAE such as Sports Society, Adventura, Al Shaab Billiard center, among others. When you buy sports goods or avail memberships from our partner brands, it will count as Danats on your Fazaa Behavior app.

Exclusive Discounts From Sports Club & Sports Equipment Stores Dubai

Want to know about the amazing discounts you can avail through Fazaa? Here’s a gist of our exclusive offers that you can avail using Danats.

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