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Healthy eating can often be boring. Make it interesting by earning rewards on buying a healthy lunch or dinner from our partner healthy and diet restaurant in Dubai. Fazaa Danat Initiative, a national rewards program, is the UAE government’s distinctive measure to encourage citizens and residents to eat healthy and maintain their health. On the Fazaa Behaviors app, the users can join various fitness or behavioral goal-based tasks and complete it to gain Danats – the Fazaa rewards for positive acttions. They can further purchase organic food, healthy eats and vegan treats from the marketplace on the application using their Danats. Our extensive marketplace also features amazing offers and discounts by more than 500 brands, including healthy restaurant, entertainment centres, cinemas, medical clinics, car racing units, and more. You can use the Danats to avail these exclusive from top brands such as Ekart Zabeel, Dubai Aquarium, Kidzania, Butcha, among others.

How Fazaa Rewards Works?

With Fazaa Behaviors, you will be rewarded for healthy eating. This innovative behavioral rewards program has been devised to promote positivity and encourage healthy lifestyle among the residents and nationals in the UAE. To begin with, sign up on Fazaa Behaviors using your Emirates ID to create your unique account, after which you can:

1) Go for a Fazaa Challenge

In the challenges section of the application, you will receive varied tasks with fitness and behavior based goals, including:

Walking, running


Law and order compliance

Watching awareness videos on Fazaa Behaviours

2) Shop from Fazaa Partners

We have an extensive range of partners across varied industries, from restaurants, medical centers, entertainment parks, sports club, educational institutes, and more. You can also earn Danats on your account by choosing organic eats and nutritious treats from the healthy food restaurant partners listed on our app.

Our Partners

With a wide range of healthy food or take away restaurant partners, such as Zerofat, Kcal, Ketolife, Healthy Choice, Fitlab, Basiligo, among others, we make sure you are rewarded for healthy eating in Dubai. You will find exclusive discounts and buy 1 get 1 free vouchers by our partners on the Fazaa marketplace.

Exclusive Offers From Healthy Food Restaurant Dubai

Download Fazaa Behaviors now to enjoy exciting discounts for buying healthy dinner and lunch meals and earn Danats to purchase other treats from the marketplace.

Change Your Behaviour To Change Your Life With Fazaa Behaviors!




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